Why I Support the Worldwide Wave of Action

waveofaction.org We are running out of time to change the direction of our civilization. The evidence on climate change paints a truly terrifying picture of what lies ahead for humanity if we don’t make a seemingly impossible transition. Through a worldwide movement, we can rally to change our fate and chart a new direction, but…


The Future of Creativity: Interview with Daniel Pinchbeck, Codigo Magazine

Recently I did an interview for Codigo Magazine, a leading Mexican magazine reporting on art, architecture, innovation, & design.   Interview with Daniel Pinchbeck Which do you think could be the most effective way to reach people and to create collective awareness on the issues you address through your work? How can we come up with…


Eating Flowers with Daniel Pinchbeck, a Future Eyes Production

My friends Johnny Maroney and Brent Paul Pearson of Future Eyes recently interviewed me for this whimsical short film.  They asked me several thought-provoking questions concerning humanity’s evolution of consciousness. From the film: “William Blake talks about how the imagination is not just a state, but it’s the human existence in itself … . maybe whatever…

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      Governments and industry have shown they are incapable of reacting to global warming in an effective and timely manner. New reports from scientific bodies like the International Panel on Climate Change make it evident that we have now reached a critical threshold. Within the next few years, a global movement of civil society must emerge to confront climate change, before positive feedback loops lead to accelerated warming, jeopardizing the future of all life on Earth. But such a movement must be organized around a cohesive vision and strategy. The Center for Planetary Culture invites you to help us explore and define this strategy.

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      Happy Earth Day!

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