I am launching the Center for Planetary Culture, a hybrid form between a traditional think tank, a technology incubator, and a media destination site, with a grant from Tides Foundation.

The Center for Planetary Culture is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to a few fundamental propositions: that a transformation of global beliefs and practices is necessary for a sustainable and just society; that this transformation requires a meeting of indigenous and postmodern world views; that future development must mesh with ecological design.

The Center for Planetary Culture intends, through issue briefs, research papers, video productions, public talks, and social media, to define and explain what a new planetary culture entails. It will seek to rally support for this vision among cultural influencers and the public, and to stimulate vital debate on the future of technology, spirituality, and social change, along with other aspects of the transformation facing us today.

We seek to attract collaborators across disciplines who are practicing a solutions-based approach to the ecological, economic, and political issues that face our global society. By creating a hub for transformational culture, we aim to inspire a new type of planetary citizenship that will re-define our relationships to one another and our environment.

Our temporary site is here, with a full site coming this summer.

Why I Support the Worldwide Wave of Action

waveofaction.org We are running out of time to change the direction of our civilization. The evidence on climate change paints a truly terrifying picture of what lies ahead for humanity if we don’t make a seemingly impossible transition. Through a worldwide movement, we can rally to change our fate and chart a new direction, but…


Towards Regenerative Society: A Rapid Transition Plan

Download the ready-to-share PDF. Please pass along the position paper to your colleagues and friends.To download a PDF version of the paper that is printer-friendly, click here. “Today, humanity faces our greatest challenge, and our most precious opportunity.  Our activity as a species has put the Earth in jeopardy. We can directly observe that our use of resources…


Center for Planetary Culture’s first newsletter

Dear Friends and Collaborators, Center for Planetary Culture is a new organization that uses the familiar structure of a think tank to explore cutting-edge ideas and practices. As part of our work, we consult, experiment, innovate, propose, propound and pontificate. We also incubate new media and technology projects. Our admittedly ambitious mission is to help humanity evolve to…


Post-Carbon Civilization: Interview on Coast 2 Coast AM

This weekend on Coast 2 Coast AM I discuss my new think tank, Center for Planetary Culture, and our upcoming position paper: Transition to a Post-Carbon Society. Researcher Mitch Battros also talked about underground volcanoes that are melting the Antarctic ice caps (see related article), and how natural cyclical events are behind weather changes. Listen to the episode here….

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    • Russell Brand and I spend the day in bed together discussing how to ditch capitalism, alternatives to the status quo, and the possibility of multiple dimensions of space-time and Illuminati overloads. How did we do?

      If you enjoy this interview, please read the new paper I helped to produce, 'Toward Regenerative Society: A Plan for Rapid Transition'. You can download it here:


      Let us know your thoughts.

      Quite possibly, we have only a few short years to change the direction of our global civilization before we confront unavoidable ecological catastrophe due to accelerating climate change. What can we do?

      Can We Ditch Capitalism? Russell Brand The Trews (E170)

      Russell Brand The Trews (E170). I talk to author and activist Daniel Pinchbeck about the future of our planet and the possibility of exploring new dimensions...
    • Please watch Disruption, a free film on the climate emergency, promoting the People's Climate March on September 21. We need a global movement to overcome the entrenched power of the fossil fuel lobbies and energy companies before they completely annihilate the ecological systems upon which we depend for life. A rapid transition to 100% renewable energy is possible, along with mass volunteer initiatives to sequester carbon through organic farming and the planting of forests. We don't have to live through a mass decimation of our world.

      Disruption: Climate. Change.
      The most dangerous threat the world has ever faced meets a movement whose time has come.

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